the wedding gift conundrum

vintage by jolie

and the argument for thinking outside of the predictable wedding gift box …

Jasmine Baetzel Photography – Savannah Fine Art Film Wedding Photography

So, you’ve received the much anticipated wedding invitation. You already have just the right gift in mind, right? I love that idea. You’re not only thrilled with ridiculous happiness and joy for the couple, but already know the exact, perfect, and impossibly insightful gift to give. Which has happened to no one, ever.

Let’s Get Real

After all, how much do you know anyone, really? Especially when you will be giving a gift that’s expected to be kept for – I don’t know, a lifetime? That’s a very long time. The trendy instapot, auspicious air fryer and sassy sandwich grill will be obsolete versions of themselves by the time the honeymoon is over. Besides, this should be a time for romanticism and creative thought, not electric appliances.

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