Party like it’s 1959 & lose the yoga pants…

An ode to the post pandemic, new age mid century modernists who know (or would like to know) how to party in style at home, guys, it’s all about the dress.
Yoga Pants are for Yoga

Here is the mantra, my love: “thou shalt not wear yoga pants & a tank top as the queen and mighty ruler of my own gd house party”. Repeat. Many times. It’s a mantra. And then go vintage shopping. Make a statement, otherwise, what’s the point? Vintage hostess dresses are the bomb. You seldom find duplicates, and it feels like a party just putting it on. Check out these high brow gorgeous things I found on 1st dibs.

1st Dibs
Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?

In this post pandemic world you have been left to your own devices. And being just like a little kid, you now find yourself wearing sweats and slippers all of the time. Like all of the time. You are better than this.

Isn’t it a pretty idea that you can bring some kick ass style to the party? Of course it is. I don’t know about you, but somehow, the exact same dress that can be purchased by hundreds and thousands of people just ain’t gonna cut it. It’s a California dreamin’ fricken retro house party! You dig?

Open up the doors and windows. Borrow your aunt’s vintage cocktail shaker, invite her, conjure up a drink recipe of deliciousness, dream up some canapes. Find a vintage swoon worthy hostess dress. Call your party tribe, cue the lp’s,

Comfortable Glam is a Real Thing

Just like the bewitching, yet swank cocktail hour invented by the mid centurions, the hostess gown also took front and center stage when entertaining at home. From The New York Times: “Hostesses Slip Into Something a Little Practical” the hostess gown was “… a billowing, brightly colored maxi-dress, often with a forgiving waistline, or no waistline — sort of a cross between an evening formal and a bathrobe.

The idea was to balance one’s respect for and command of the occasion with the right to sprawl comfortably in one’s living room on oversize lounging cushions, perhaps leaping up from time to time to rearrange the cheese straws. For hostess gowns had very little to do with actual cooking …”

Your Best Life

If this is not the ideal life, I do not know what is. Glam comfort, lounging, tickling the spirits, no actual cooking. Let’s start with the dress, caftan, or maxi dress and bring this charmed life at home back.

Op Art Maxi Dress & Tapestry Hostess Dress
Changing the World, One Vintage Hostess Dress at a Time

So, why not start to change the vibe of the house party experience in your little refuge from the world? One vintage dress at a time. Plus, you might need some other spiffy things too, like cocktail glasses! Anyway, if you like good old stuff, come round and visit me. Vintage By Jolie

All rights reserved. Author: Jolie Baetzel


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