etsy buyer protection program fails etsy sellers …

in case you missed it …

vintage by jolie

If you think you run your own shop when you sell on the Etsy platform, you are dead wrong. Sellers are not protected. More on that later, all the deets will be in my next blog. For now, I am selling off all of my vintage inventory (that took two years to gather and curate), so check out my MaxSold auction, now!

As for Etsy PR, if you can get through the hundreds of self published very positive, amazingly uplifting and inspirational articles by Etsy,

or the happy, smiling youngsters sitting in fancy offices in New York City, who can and will determine your future as a seller on Etsy, (yes, it’s actually true, and happened to me),

or the kicker: the Etsy motto; “Keep Commerce Human” ….

you will find hard truths in the soft underbelly of this money making machine. In fact Josh Silverman, Etsy Ceo, was…

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