sell at an auction when it’s time to fold your tent, an etsy seller’s true story…

Going, going, gone …

Selling off some supa dupa vintage gems in my first MaxSold auction that ends tonight 10/21/22 at 8pm, est. I am so very lucky to have the MaxSold auction site in my back pocket, and so very, very thankful! When things went sideways with the “new and improved” regime in Etsy world, my shop took several hits, even though I was a star seller, with an exceptional track record.

Get it Gone!

The best way to let things go and start anew is by auction. Everything is listed and in one day, everything is gone, and you have money in your pocket. It’s a pure and cleansing experience to let go of all the reminders you’ve invested in for a company that does not give one whit about me or you, as sellers.

It’s a brilliant alternative as these same items could have been tied up my shop for another 2 years, especially since my year over year presence had mysteriously dropped by 63%. There are no coincidences, just sayin’.

Ask Yourself, Is it Worth it?

So, here you are, on Etsy’s “bad” list, your investment is tied up in your extensive product line, not to mention storage space, or the dreaded free shipping “suggestion” by Esty. Also, the surprise “direct marketing” charges to your account, disputes with exploitive buyers with the hard reality that you will never be allowed an appeal, for any unfair, or unwarranted decision.

At the end of the day, my costs to sell on Etsy hovered around 30%. I actually ended up making less than an overseas sweat shop worker.

Etsy Cares About You?

Etsy closed my shop after I refused to accept an unwarranted $1200 charge back to my account. As this was all going down, I had evacuated to Savannah, Georgia due to a mandatory evacuation directive in anticipation of Hurricane Ian. Etsy closed my shop the day I returned home.

It is not easy to fold your tent, when you have thousands of items to liquidate. In fact, the task was too much for me and I ended up in the emergency room. Thanks Etsy! Keeping in mind your “Keep Commerce Human” motto, and all.

Moving hundreds of pounds in Etsy stock sent me to the Emergency room.

Dive In

So, when you hear, read and see “good will” Etsy stories, take a closer look. Josh Silverman’s business plan, initiatives, and revelations have ruined Etsy.

From Vox: “Was Etsy too good to be true? The people who built Etsy dreamed of remaking commerce with their bare hands. Fifteen years later, its sellers are being asked to compete with Amazon.”

That’s What She said

But, the entrepreneurial troops will keep on truckin’, after all, not so very long ago, there was no Etsy. Someday, there will be a platform that can and will make money with some stunning talent at the helm (maybe a smart gal this time?), who will actually know how to keep commerce human …

and nice.

With love, Jolie

all rights reserved

yours truly, jolie

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