Goodbye Etsy …


There seems to be a lot of chatter and general dismay over Etsy’s new deal that has shattered the lives and livelihoods for a whole bunch of Etsy sellers. Etsy Sellers of Reddit is a good source to discuss and verify the draconian rule of the almighty Etsy platform. I’m one of the casualties.

Go MaxSold

I decided to let Etsy close my shop instead of fighting an unwinnable war. I am beginning a new website to feature some of my favorite things. In the meantime, I have/had a LOT of inventory. I’ve sent thousands of items to an online auction site; MaxSold. This is my current Maxsold auction. Just do it, you will not be sorry, just get rid of everything (or almost everything) and start over.

It’s to be expected that as a seller, you will wrestle with the injustice and loss bestowed upon you by some random person at Etsy, indiscriminately toying with your fate. I am telling you, Get Over It. Liquidate. Send your stuff to auction and start over on your own terms. Etsy owns your shop, you have no say in it’s future or demise. Etsy rules. Shop policies are meaningless, empty words. Be aware.

No Silver Lining for Sellers, Silverman

As much as seller’s try to satisfy every need, wish and desire of buyers, Etsy rulers require more, oh, so much more. Sellers are now expected to compete with Amazon. Wasn’t the whole point of this visionary platform to replace this idea? Wasn’t this the one place everyone could join in to become the alternative to Amazon? Buyers have the upper hand thanks to Silverman’s Buyer Protection Program and they know it.

Follow the Money

But, hey Silverman knows what side of the bread his income is buttered on, and it ain’t the sellers. It’s the stockholders of course who in 2022 rewarded Silverman $40 million a year plus a compensation package, a spectacular increase beyond a measly 1.9 million in 2021. This – after the increased sellers fees debacle and subsequent Sellers Strike in April of the same year!

That’s What She Said

And check this out from the Added Value Resource website: ” … The strike successfully shined a light on challenges sellers face on the platform and called into question whether the recent fee increase will really benefit buyers and sellers (as Etsy claims) or if the extra revenue will simply go to shareholders and executive compensation.

Looking at that compensation chart, and the incentives provided by such a heavy emphasis on stock options, it’s difficult not to question where the priorities of the board and executive leadership really lie.

While there has been no official direct response or engagement between leadership and the strike participants, COO Raina Moskowitz was clearly on the defensive and feeling the pressure of public scrutiny in a recent blog post titled Delivering Value To Etsy Sellers. …”

Bullying on the Playground Karma

Just bullying those who make Etsy what it is, or was is a karmic thing, so we shall see how this plays out. At the end of the day, shouldn’t the little guy, gal, artist, conservator, inventor or creator be given a fighting chance? Etsy is just one among endless deceptive opportunists and radical capitalists in the playing field. But, that is no excuse. And isn’t it a pretty idea that Silverman would give back a little (of that obscene amount of money) to artists, creators and entrepreneurs who just want to sell their stuff and stay in the game?

Call me Pollyanna.

With love, Jolie

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