Ending Etsy.

stand strong

vintage by jolie

Amidst the worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings. –Lao Tzu

Let’s Get Philosophical

And so, it’s probably fortuitous that as this year ends, doing business with Etsy shall also come to an end, permanently and with deliberate measure. New year, new beginnings. I’d call that Kismet.

Observing Endings & Beginnings

My shop was closed this year. Etsy should not have had that right, but it happened, (during a mandatory hurricane evacuation nonetheless). In the new year, no one will ever be able to pull that kind of trickery again. Because my things are quite special, you know, the non mass produced good old things that embody the spirit of quality, design, whimsy and innocence of times past, I’ll begin sharing these little treasures of goodness on my own website for starters, so stay tuned.

The Sellers Dilemma

I succumbed to the the ever changing and demanding…

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