Confessions of a Milan Etsy Seller

vintage by jolie

and Contemplations of a Class Action Lawsuit

I thought of suicide for their exploit.”

Former Etsy Shop owner, Viceversashop_Milan, Milan, Italy, January 18, 2023

This is an excerpt from a post on the Complaints Board website by a former Etsy seller in Milan when his shop was closed by Etsy. And I wonder, does Etsy even care when they have impacted someone’s life so dramatically that they contemplate suicide?

I don’t think so.

it’s time for a change

You see by opening an Etsy shop, and depending on it to not only live, but to thrive and survive, sellers are putting themselves on the line everyday to keep the machine running, whether it is through their artwork, vintage curated collections, or handmade items of beauty.

And when shops are closed without warning or an appeal process or valid explanation, lives are significantly changed. The irreparable harm that sellers…

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